Monday, November 18, 2013

CORE Classes A Must For Career Success

Survey Finds Employers and Public Favor Graduates          Who Can Communicate

Polls continue to show that employers want universities to produce people who are able to think. But ‘thinking’ turns out to be an incredibly complex and variegated phenomenon. Being able to think means a lot of different things. The good news is that most people understand this complexity already, and so want people coming out of universities to have a variety of abilities in those ‘different things.’

A recent poll published in the Chronicle of Higher Education, and reproduced here, indicated that most Americans, and in particular business leaders, say it is more important that graduates be well-rounded and possess broader capacities, such as problem solving and communication skills, than narrowly focused ‘professional’ training.

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The Core Curriculum at Ashland University is dedicated to the assumptions of liberal education and generalized thinking skills, skills that require a wide variety of courses to master, and that never become technologically obsolete. Critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, analytical reasoning skills, reinforced through emphasis on writing and performance tasks, are to be found in all core courses. Succeeding in our core curriculum is already to obtain a great deal of the skills and abilities many employers are seeking.

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