Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How CLA Scores Reflect Student Employability

In the Spring of 2009, Dr. Vaughan, University Core Director, in conjunction with the Core Advisory Council conducted a series of evaluations of national assessment tests. The committee researched several different tests, and actually undertook the tests themselves. The best candidate from among these tests was the CLA.  Ashland University students ranked well above the national average for value-added achievement, scoring in the 85th percentile. This means that freshman achieved greater gains in critical-thinking, analytic-reasoning, problem-solving, and written-communication skills by their senior year at Ashland University than at other CLA-assessed universities enrolling students with similar academic backgrounds.

The following blog post discusses a study that was done to assess how the skills assessed in the CLA relate to the employability of college students.  Read the full blog here....

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